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Other easy ways to make money online

July 20, 2018

Nowadays, one of the best ways to make huge earnings online is through blogging, since it is the only business that involve very low or no capital,in which in a very short time if you are serious with it, it can earn you a huge amount. The first thing is to :-

a, register with any blogging platforms such as WordPress or Google.

b, know yourself i.e know what you are good at ,I mean any niche(topic) that you are expert at or if you are good in coordinating experts, you can make them Author on your blog. The niche may be about electronic review, finance, loan, insurance, food etc.

c, the moment you are aware that your blog is full of unique post and you also have enough traffics on your site, then you are ready to be making money through the following :-

1, Donation :- when you are successful in having active blog with good posts and enough traffic, if your reader/visitor were happy with your post, they may be willing to give something back to appreciate you or you may politely ask your visitors to donate something to grow your blog.

  Check How to add donation link to a blog page here.

2, Sell Ad space yourself :- it is a way of generating money online, in which , your blog popularity gives you the opportunity to create a space on your page or other peoples pages in order to sell for business people that are willing to advertise their business on the created space. While doing these you will be generating money. Example is

3, Pay per click Ad Networks :- if your blog is about teaching ,some networks will place teaching related Ads on your site/blog page , then you will be paid by these networks whenever there is a click on the Ad. Examples of these networks are :-
    - Google AdSense
    - Chitika
    - Infolink

4, Affiliate marketing :- This is the process of generating money online by advertising other people's product on your site and if any sale is made through your link ,you will be paid commission of up to 50% immediately. Visit website like Amazon ,clickbank etc.

5,CPM Advertising Network :- here you generate earnings on high numbers of page view than Ad clicking. You need much page view like 100,000 to earn $100 and you also need like 500,000 page view to be active on the network. Examples are value click media, Advertising. com ,

6,Text link :- as there are video link,website link ,business link ,there is also text link that you can sell. Example is

7, Email marketing :- this enables you to reach your customer's inbox directly about your product and services. Add subscriber link to your website so that most readers will subscribe by using their email address. You can also use Aweber account and start getting email identity of people.

These are few out of other ways of earning online ,check other titles to see more secret of success.
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