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August 29, 2019
Historical background

Prince Akinere, a Famous elephant hunter from Ile-Ife , founded the Ikire Township. 

Prince Akinrere was permitted by his father Ewuwemi, (the Ooni of Ife), to undertake an adventure for him to establish his own town that he will reign as Oba.

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As it was in their custom in those days, Ifa Oracle had to be consulted before important decision could be made, in view of the pronouncement of the Ifa Oracle, Akinrere(the prince) was directed to worship Osakire, one of the most important deities in Ile Ife before commencing the journey (adventure).

The Prince was a beloved of his father Oòni because of his bravery, devotion and love to the worship of Osakire, which he later adopted upon founding his own town. While leaving Ile-Ife, the king,Ooni Ewuwemi gave an all white-beaded Crown (Adé Séséefun) to his son (Akinrere) with an instruction that he should not wear it until he successful in establishing his own town and create a shrine for Osakire.

Prince Akinrere later settled at a location now called Oko Adesile, a few kilometers off old Ibadan - Ife road. At that time, the place was called Odi Ayan-Nnagi.

Prince Akinrere’s pet name at that time was “Idaro Omo_Oba Nla”     given to him by the admirers of his military prowess and ruggedness.

Olaberinjo continued after his father Akinrere as a wonderful archer who had earned the reputation of killing elephant from a very tender age. Olaberinjo distinguished himself within a short time as a great hunter and later got married.

Akinrere died as his wife gave birth to a baby boy who was later named Kujemilayo meaning literally: DEATH DEPRIVED ME OF JOY. Kuje, his son, also grew up to inherit the family’s profession of elephant hunting. At a later stage, things were becoming increasing difficult for the inhabitants of Odi-
Ayan Nnagi due to scarcity of water. Olaberinjo already of his old age, instructed his son, Kuje to increase his search for water (this later led him to the bank of River Osun) and that he should also not forget to take with him the deity of his father as well as the white beaded crown brought from Ile-ife to enable him establish firmly and identify himself as a direct crown Prince from Ile-Ife wherever and whenever he might choose to settle.

Kuje had many children with whom he moved to the bank of River Osun,that was known to be Ikire-Omi, i. e “Ikire by the water side” while Osakire was located arround Moosa, both within the vicinity of the present-day Ikire.

Among Kuye’s children are Disamu, Oladekan, Olanbeloye, Onsokan and Akintula - Most of the past Akire’s were descendants of these listed.

Shortly after settling at Ikire-Omi, Kuje died. His children faced yet another problem, this time instead of drought , the problem is of floods, as Osun River was incessantly overflowing its banks, thereby destroying their settlement and other valuables.

This terrible situation set them off on a journey in search of a final solution which is permanent on the issue of flood and drought , which led them to the present location of Ikire over four centuries ago.

Akire, the official title of the ruler of IKIRE, is from the name Akinrere; that found IKIRE while the town itself derived its name from Osakire,(the dirty) .

The old Irewole Local Government with its headquarters in Ikire was created in 1976 following the Local Government Reform of that year. In 1989 and 1996 the present Ayedade Local Government and Isokan Local Government areas respectively were carved out of the old Irewole area. With this development the present Irewole Local Government is made of people of Ikire who share common ancestry.

Irewole Local Government shares common boundaries with Ayedaade Local Government Area in the East, Ife-North Local Government area in the South East, Egbeda Local Government Area of Oyo State in the West, Isokan Irewole Local Government is situated in the South Western part of Osun State with altitudes of between 121.92 meters and 298.704 meters above the sea level.

Its landmass is about 978.67m2 with over 300 villages and hamlets. It lies in the rainforest belt of the country. Going by the provisional figure for the headcount of 1991,Irewole Local Government has an estimated population of 77,884. With the active participation of the people in the 2006 Census the population of the area will definitely record an increase.

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