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How ladies can have firm and big butts

May 31, 2018
< One of the physical qualities that made females attractive is their buttocks, that is why most women are not happy when it comes to their back side,some butt are normal,some flat while some are extremely flat.

When it comes to other aspect ,girls with flat butt can be attractive but not with her bum bum. The major reasons for this article is to showcase different ways to achieve bigger and firm bottom.

1, Plastic surgery ;  this is when a medical operation is done  to artificially increase the size of the bottom. Many ladies especially the celebrities are using this method since it is very fast ,but the major problem that limit other ladies is that the method is expensive and it against many religious virtue.

2, Exercises ; these are exercises positions that makes you lay on your arms and your knees on the floor making your buttocks to be lifted higher than your head, your two legs will be spread apart making you look exactly like a cat.

b, Ass kick ; this exercise enables you to act as if you are kicking with your butt.

c, Weightlifting ; this exercise enables you to stand on your legs(spread) ,and preparing to lift  a weight.

d, Sitting ; enough sitting on a hard surface can increase the butt.

e, sex positions ; there are sex positions that achieves big butts;


Note that sex with trusted partner is best.

f, Squatting ; this exercise makes you look as if you are doing frog jump or you are sitting on nothing.

The overall result will base on your nutritional intake, genetics and sport activities.
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