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How to retrieve post that stuck during saving in Blogger app.

August 25, 2018

Most of the people that are using blogger app  in one way or the other encounter this problem of post stuck while publishing or saving.

Major Causes are :-

1, Due to multiple saving at a time, the blogger app may find it difficult to time sort the post.

2, Sometimes especially when the blogger account is between the Admin and the Author, the blogger app may find it difficult to record where the post is coming from either from the Admin or the Author.

3, During saving ,if the battery drains out ,it may leads to the saving stuck.

4, Most of the post that where typed while offline may not save or published or stuck if the network signal strength is very low when online.

How to clear post that stuck during saving.

The major reasons why you may want to delete or clear post that stuck during saving are:

1, it disturbs the Author when realizing he wasted his time to type the post.

2, it occupies more space as it is useless, and any useless content should be deleted of which it cannot be highlighted talk less of deleted.

3, it slow down the app

To clear these post that stuck or grey out while saving, you have 3 alternatives :-

1, by uninstalling and reinstalling the blogger app i.e the published and draft post will not be deleted.

2, on your smart phone click on settings ,then click on Application setting ,find blogger and clear the cache.

3, in the blogger app ,click menu and click refresh.

Smart way to recover your post that stuck during saving.

- in this stage you will be very smart and you will need your two thumb.

- make sure you are continuously clicking the stuck post and the one that is not stuck at the same time. Do it as much time as possible till the stuck one opens, I swear I did it and it work for me.


1, save immediately you finish typing a post.

2, ensure there is no mass saving or publishing of the post at the same time.

3, ensure your battery is fully charged through out the process.
How to retrieve post that stuck during saving in Blogger app. How to retrieve post that stuck during saving in Blogger app. Reviewed by parrotte on August 25, 2018 Rating: 5


August 25, 2018 has made it easy for bloggers to blog anywhere and anytime by introducing blogger app, it can work on most Android platforms. With the blogger Android app, you can blog as you like by installing it on your Android Smartphone, try to download the app through Playstore  or other websites but playstore  is preferable because it download base on compatibility of the version of the smartphone.


1, Blogger app enables you to login many account on the go.
2, it allows you to blog when you are offline.
3, it allows you to upload images.
4, it allows you to edit post.
5, hyperlinks
6, to insert tags
7, labelling
8, drafting
9, publishing
10, locations

    However, most users are requesting for other features such as :-

- post scheduling
- insert read more break
- Stat

But I think it is very helpful in such away that you can blog anywhere and anytime you are away from your computer or when you are offline. Imagine you are faraway in a place where the only thing you have is your phone, with blogger app, you can blog.
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Show your Blog title on OPERA MINI news feed with this easy steps

July 12, 2018

It has been discovered and widely known that opera mini app is one of the most used worldwide by people surfing the web with different types of gadgets.  Most of us nowadays especially the readers find it easier to glance through the opera mini news feeds to find any important and attractive blogs to click on and to read, with this opportunity given to bloggers by opera mini ,this has led to assist bloggers to generate more traffics and earnings, in which majority of bloggers are finding means of showcasing their blogs titles on opera mini news feed.


1, More traffics :- by showcasing your blog on opera mini news feed , you gain more traffics due to the fact that while the readers glance through the news feed ,the readers will read not only what they were looking for but all other attractive ones.

2, Popularity :- due to the fact that opera mini is not for a country/region ,and it has options for changing countries, then their is tendency for your blog to show round the world.

3, More earnings :- opera mini has promised to pay 50% of their revenue since it will able to advertised it product to readers,reading your content in the news feed.

4, Auto showcase :- opera mini will still showcase your news headline at the same day of the new year.


1, log in to your Email address

2, click on compose message

3, on recipient type

4, on the message ,write about your intentions.

5, an opera mini agent will reply you ,that you should write a formal letter that include your blog website address and send it back to the email

6, wait for some days ,there should be a feed back on what to do next.

7, continue checking your email

8, if you are approved there will be a confirmation, then your website/blog tittle will be displaying on opera mini news feed. 

NB. Sometimes it takes 2 trials
Show your Blog title on UC BROWSER news feed with this easy steps
Show your Blog title on OPERA MINI news feed with this easy steps Show your Blog title on OPERA MINI news feed with this easy steps Reviewed by parrotte on July 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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