Why Ladies Should Make The First Move At A Guy They Really Like

It is true that male animals chase female animals, Cock will chase hen but we cannot relate this to man because of our intellect that makes us higher Animal. We have evolved and one of our identity is to pursue whatever we want ,irrespective of man or woman.  It has being in our belief either culture or religion, that it only requires a man to approach a lady first if he is interested in her but am telling you today that It can go both ways. As a lady, you may have met with a guy that have all your specifications , i mean a guy that is attracted to you, it is expected of you to tell the guy your mind whether it favours at the end or not. Am assuring you that there is no bad thing in achieving what you want. 

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The reasons is as follows

1. You may lost contact with him forever.

The thought of if you realise at that moment that you may never meeting him again, then you should make a move because there is this saying that one oppurtunity lost can never be regain again. Therefore, there is no bad thing in walking up to a guy and ask for is number because that is the only way to get in touch with him later. The opportunity may never showcase itself again.  Trust me it better to talk or chat on mobile phone than first confrontation.

2. Shyness is a programming, male also have it too.

 Guys can be shy too. If you realise he is into you and you liked him, go and approach him instead of just looking at him. Not all guys are confident, and sometimes, they feel all eyes will be on them as they are not sure of how you will responded. Take that opportunity.

3. Women also can chose exactly what they want.

Women only have oppurtunity to sellect among only those guys that date or approach them. Therefore since it is very rear for a lady to approach guys first without conversation then this is an oppurtunitty for a lady to work up to a guy that she feels is her spec and have a conversation with than those that come to her. When you see what you want go for it.

4. It is very effective for both side

Some guys believe that what a man can do, a woman can do better and most guys respect a lady that believe this too since it does not suppose to be guy things always.

5. It kills Depression

After a breakup a lady needs to wait for another guy to approach her to get connected again and if not it may leads to depression but if the lady is confident enough, she can just work up to any guy she like and continue a new life.

6. Age limitations

Their are sometimes that aged ladies will have interest in an interested young guy but because of this barrier they cannot achieved this. This can also allow them to express their mind.

Since a female can compete with male in other aspect and win, I don't see anything bad in this.

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