Do you know why a son will always love his mother than anybody in the world?


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Think of it this way, your husband can love you more than the mother if you love him the way the mother loves him and give him enough sex , this the mother cannot give him, try this ,it works like spell, am telling you the guy will want you more than the mother.

Do you as a woman knows that both marriage has to do with relationship, contributions, sacrifice, patience and so on, but when we are talking about a successful marriage we are talking about responsibilities.

I could recall that Some of the women I interview,  shift most of the responsibilities to their male partners in which if care is not taken becomes more burden on the husband and decrease the kind of love the husband have for the wife.

A kind of husband that is caring for the wife in almost every aspect, if he is not seeing that type of treatment from the wife or that the wife is not showing any sign of being responsible, the husband will easily fall in love with another person that is doing these things for him outside.

If you as a wife discovered that your husband's love for you is not like before when you just married, then now is the best time to study the relationship and pin point those areas you are having problems.

The first thing to do is to intimate your husband and ask what the problem is and try to improve on those things listed above :-

1. Improve on respect :

Men still need the assurance that they are the leader in the house. They want the wife to respect them. You  as a wife you don't shout on your husband, and every time you allow him to lead. Even if you are joking with him, knows the extent you can joke with your husband.

2. Persuasion

As a woman don't always insist or impose instead find a way to persuade your husband to improve. Men ego will only interpret you imposing things on him as if you are the boss. Am telling you if romantically you advice your husband and he realized that it for his own good , my lady, your husband will love you more.

3. Selflessness

As a woman don't be selfish, see that everything you do for your husband is for yourself. Don't be too demanding, marriage is a sacrifice from both side, don't always think it the husband responsibility to provide everything. Look at what you can do to assist your husband. Look for bills you too can pay. Don't always think your  money is your own alone and your husbands is for the family. With your husband will not respect you because he will believe his the one that is feeding you , you are not feeding him.

4. Love making

Don't deny your husband any physical affection especially those husband that don't have alternative. Every man need this and it is your responsibility to give them. Some women even have this habit of insulting there husband that he is not neat that he cannot have sex with them. Haaaaa you don't see that is not neat before. Instead of abuse, find a way to make him neat. Successful sex may improve your man love for you. I will also advice you to improve the art of love making with your husband with feedback from him.

5. Support

You are the best friend of your husband if you know this then , you have to support him in every aspect. When he is going to work make everything ready for him, before he arrived let everything be ready. support him in finance, support him with advice, support him in all other aspects. If he discovered that you are always available to support he will love you more. Always inform your husband that together both of you can achieve greatness.

6. Discovery

Discover yourself, discover your husband , know what he found attractive in you and don't stop doing it, with this you are good to go.

Find what makes him love his mother and add a genuine romantic experience, he will never stop thinking about you to the extent that he may let you lead.

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  1. Really? for Number 1, I am not quite sure eh. Nowadays there is equal right to everyone. Number 6 is a must. husband would love support from wife.

  2. I'm not entirely sure I can agree with a lot of this post. My husband and I are partners. We support each other, we respect each other, and there is no one leader in our home. I'm not sure a marriage should be built on the man being the leader and the woman being second to him.

  3. With all due respect I can not agree. I am married for almost 10 years now and I will never submit. We don't have a leader at our household and I don't want it any other way. There has never been even a competition between my mother-in-law and I, mother is mother, partner is partner. My husband's mother has nothing do with our daily lives. I also can not really understand how one can possible be unable to divide different love: parents, partners, kids.

  4. I think respect is important. We have married more then 20 years, quite long, but always have this in mind.

  5. Respect and communication are what matter most in my opinion, not being submissive...

  6. Thank you for this, I hope it will work...