Do you know their are more disadvantages in marrying single mothers 

Their are situations that made a young man to want to either date or marry a single mother, this can be one of these :

1. It may be because of her physical appearance that include the body part and the beauty.

2. It may be the maturity that the lady possessed.

3. It may be that the lady is rich.

4. It may be that the guy was forced by family or tradition (inheritance).

5. It may be by the limitation of genotype ( genotype match)

6. The guy also may have child already (same situation)

7. True love

As we have already know the reasons for marrying single mothers let now take a look at the burdens :

1. Not everyone agrees with it

Since it is not that common in the society , people still feels it not a good idea and beside everybody prefers new things that has no attachment to any other things therefore many people will not agree with you dating or to marry a single mother.

2. Unavailability

She believe that there may be discrimination from the guy side when it comes to the children's welfare, this now prompt her to work harder in order to use all her time to work in order to be relevant financially.

3. They lack concentration

Since they believe that they her both father and the mother of the child, they think a lot and they always think about the future of their children because they believe the guy has rights to not take care of the step child.

4. To them you are not their Priority

What come to their mind first is their child, in which you may not experience any romantic moment with them through out your stay. They always believed that the child cannot leave them but you can.

5. They still can't forget there ex

This is due to the fact that there ex most of the time is their first love , so is not easy to just forget the father of their child like that especially if he is alive or working at the same place.

6. How the last Marriage Ended

Do you know that women are prone to make mistake many times as in they don't learn from previous mistakes, if she don't learn she may still repeat it with you, since she is of the believe that men are the same.

7. Aged Body 

The woman body aged and loose form as a result of pregnancy or given birth, this have psychological effect on the guy to feel that another person is responsible for that not him.

8. They want everything to be fast

They don't want long time dating all they need is just marriage, this may hinder you from thinking. They skip most of the premarital experience because they had experience it once.

9. The Children decide

most single mother likely would need permission from their children either they like the guy or not before starting any relationship with him

10. Financial capability

If you are marrying the mother ,you are taking over all the financial requirements of her including the children's. Therefore you must stand upright before taking this decision.

With all these , it now left for you to decide whether to go ahead or not.


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