December 27, 2019
These are the set of guys women would always chase for marriage:

1. Actors/Online presenters

Women want to become celebrity, and one of the way to become this is to mingle with one especially when you are the wife of a celebrity. So one of the things that attracts ladies is fame is something everyone crave to be a part of.
Many ladies run after artists who are celebrities with the hope of being popular through them.
What many of these ladies do not understand is that simultaneously other ladies are after them as well which makes the artist not to focus on one love.

2. Foreigners/Abroad base

It is very funny that whenever a lady discovered that you are living in abroad they automatically fall in love with you and start trying to initiate serious relationship. This is also applicable to foreigners in the country as well, especially if he is white.
Most of these ladies see the guys who live outside the country as an opportunity to travel to the foreign countries they live in.

3. Oil company workers

When you are a bachelor and you are working with an oil firm ladies especially sees you as a big boy and they always want to initiate a conversation with you whenever they have the opportunity.
As we all know that oil company pays their workers well and any lady that successfully marry the guy will become rich after the marriage.
As soon as a woman discovered that a man works in an oil company, it would boost her attitude towards him.

4. Politicians

One of the easiest way of Becoming rich is through politics especially when holding a post such as Senator, Representative e.t.c , I can assure you that even if you had already married ladies will want to be second wife.
Many of these ladies believe that marrying politicians would give them the life of comfort they crave for. Many of them end up being lucky while some become victim of ritual.

5. Dealers
Ladies love chasing guys who sell cars; these guys are rich too and have been able to make major investments in life other than selling cars or other goods. Many of them rich and have many properties in their names.
Ladies do not want to wait with men anymore; they want a readymade riches who would satisfied and help them live a flamboyant lifestyle.

6. Medical practitioners

Whether you are a consultant, orthopedic, surgeon etc, you are OK by any ladies due to the ego of the occupation and the kind of salary they are paid. 
Ladies want to marry doctors and chase after them the moment they know that part of them. They know their future would be bright if they got married to men like that.

7. Business men/Merchant

Ladies believe highly successful men are good to be with because they can be any were any time. Ladies chase after men like these because they know what they stand to gain when they marry them.

8 . Big cars

Girl run after guys with big and exotic car without knowing there status. Ladies want to be seen in big cars.


N-power 2020/2021: public warning

December 26, 2019
We urge Nigerians to exercise patience and be prepared especially those that are prepared to join the Programme. To join the Programme you are required to get some vital personal information ready as well as your BVN details.

Please and please disregard all website that are not from NPOWER,  I discovered that their are some fake website from some fraudsters trying to get your data to use to defraud you, DON'T RELEASE YOUR BANK DETAIL.

Be aware that N-power recruitment form 2020 is not yet out online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across. Don't allow yourself to  be defrauded and secondly N-power registration is free and no charges attached to the registration by the federal government.

My advise is for you to make sure you are alert to know when the form is out ,as you understand that their are a lot of people awaiting the registration which is online process. I will advice as soon as the portal is open for registration, make sure you get yourself registered.

Stay in touch by bookmarking my website or follow us by clicking follow button because once the registration starts officially I will let you know.

share this to your friends as well.
N-power 2020/2021: public warning N-power 2020/2021: public warning Reviewed by parrotte on December 26, 2019 Rating: 5

Reasons Why Girls Are Not Attracted To You. Number 3 Is A Major Reason Girls Run Away From Guys

December 24, 2019

There are reasons why some guys are very much single.

Most girls don't just choose a partner based on the "fine boy" title anymore. There are some other criteria a guy must pass to look appealing to ladies.
Here are some reasons why Ladies are not attracted to you:

1. You're Too Needy
Girls want that guy that remembers every single thing, like – the anniversary, first kiss and other romantic touchy feelings stuff but, when you begin to act like you don’t have a life of your own, then you’re in trouble
They begin to snub your calls, cancel appointments and everything about you irritates them

2. You Stink
No one likes a smelly person. You can’t walk up to a girl with a smelly mouth, not to talk of dating one. Who do you think would be attracted to you? Can you be attracted to shit?
Your smell alone can reset a person’s brain. Use deodorants and perfumes before you walk up to any one abeg.

3. You dress badly
Your dressing is the first thing a girl would notice. First impressions matter a lot. You can’t wear a tattered singlet and walk up to a girl, she’ll turn you down and from then on, you’ll be referred to as “That guy with tattered singlet”
Don’t wear over-size or under-size too. Don’t allow your clothes look like they’re inherited, Let your clothes be your size.

4.You’re broke
We’re in Nigeria, where poverty is everywhere. You can’t want a girl and be broke. If you don’t have enough money to take care of yourself, then stay on your lane bros.
Being broke is a major turnoff for women. Girls don’t want to suffer with you, or else, you hit jackpot and find Otedola or Dangote’s daughter.

5. You want to have sex so bad
Most guys enter relationships for the sex. Some girls may like it at first but then, no one wants to be a machine. As a famous saying goes: “Too much of anything is not good”
Let the sex be moderate, She’s not a sex doll

Reasons Why Girls Are Not Attracted To You. Number 3 Is A Major Reason Girls Run Away From Guys Reasons Why Girls Are Not Attracted To You. Number 3 Is A Major Reason Girls Run Away From Guys Reviewed by parrotte on December 24, 2019 Rating: 5
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