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Do you know that you can earn much with telecom business.

Do you know that banks makes billions annually from telecom business.

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Do you know that MTN will sell 1GB data  at the rate of #1000 for a month but through this platform (SME) 1GB is #550 for 3 month.

Do you know that you can develop this business and become a world known CEO.

Do you know that almost everybody are using mobile phone and even those that don't have are eager to have.

Do you know that the rate at which people use airtime and data as increased.

Have you ever be in a situation whereby you will have no data and decide to borrow. That means after payments, you will still borrow and still not be able to complete your task. But today, I will introduce you to a concept that will allow you to do the following :-

1. Sell data

2. Sell airtime

3. Pay for subscription ,such as electricity, cable TV, e.t.c

4. Sell bulk SMS

5. Inter bank transfer

By becoming a partner, you'd be a distributor of the above services.
With all these you only need the following :-

1. Smartphone

2. Data

What you don't need:-

1. No experience needed

2. no monthly fees

3. no targets

4. no renewal

5. you don't need to quit your job

6. you do this at your own pace in your spare time.

This has been tested, proven & trusted .
The name of the platform is MyDeviceNeeds Top up and Earn.

Other opportunities are :-

1. You receive commission on every transactions you made.

2. You will receive #1000 on every person you refer to the platform immediately they register and pay #1200

Analysis of the referer package:-

*If you Register 2 persons every day, you earn #2000 = #60,000 monthly* this is the salary of a banker

*If you register 4 persons every day, you earn #4000 = #120,000 monthly*.....

*If you register 6 persons every day, you earn #6000 = #180,000 monthly*.....

*Now if you register 14 persons every day, you are sure of #14000 = #420,000*......what if you are the aggressive type who registers minimum of 20 persons every day, you are sure of #20,000 = #600,000 monthly*........

Remember that this few breakdown just happens with your smart phone plus your 1200 naira right from the comfort of your bed.
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For more info WhatsApp me with this 08060327468

Have it in mind that this is neither ponzi scheme or scam.

I want to let you know that this is a legal business and I will like you to start as soon as possible.

This are the evidence of transactions.

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