Keepchange is giving free bitcoin through Coinburger.

This is 100% legit

Coinburger is a telegram bot used by to give users free bitcoin by :-

1. Viewing ads

2. Inviting friend

Coinburger is a telegram bot, it sends you ads, by clicking on and read them, by this you can earn bitcoin.

Process :-

- when you click ad ,you will earn 0.000050

- when you refer friend , you will earn 0.00010. Imaging you are able to refer 100 friends.

How it works

1. Join telegram bot with this click me

2. Then follow the instructions

NB. you must follow the instructions from telegram bot.

See proofs.

Keepchange is giving free bitcoin through Coinburger. Keepchange is giving free bitcoin through Coinburger. Reviewed by parrotte on July 15, 2019 Rating: 5


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