As the forthcoming election is fast approaching, which generates more and more activities, many Nigerians have this believe that government change but the situation of the country still remain the same , this compelled PARROTTE MEDIA to research into the problem of the country. The result of the research now leads to the topic "Reasons why Nigerian leaders failed" .

    The reasons why Nigerian leader failed are :-

1. Unrealizable manifesto :- manifesto is the basis for choosing political leaders by the electorates during elections. In these manifestoes, most political office holder presents unrealizable manifestoes which they might find difficult to accomplished during the period in office.

2. Dependency and poverty :- most people are unemployed and lazy to be self - employed and this leads to poverty on their part which will cause them to fully depends on government for all their needs. Then fund released for most leaders to cater for the needs of people may not go round.

3. Revenue allocation :- fund allocated to some of the leaders sometimes are estimated lower than the areas and population it is allocated for. Like case of Lagos , the population increases daily due to the inflow of people into the state from other States.

4. Selfishness and greed :- in any government office, public interest is supposed to be presented and considered first but most leaders are selfish. They considered their own interest more Important than that of the electorates that voted them in. They greedily occupy office to loot public money to acquired wealth.

5. Godfatherism :- most political office holder came into office by lobbying and through the help of political godfathers. The tendency to please or pay back political godfathers at the expense of the people is obvious.

6. Party interest :- many political parties drill their flag bearers to enter into serious agreement of paying the party leaders outrageous amount of money during their tenure in office.

7. Political robbers :- most leaders are unaware of some abandoned project in some area that are out of their react, as they would have allocate revenue to some of their followers to carry out such projects in their various area (locality) but some of these political rubbers in the name of followers or political colleagues like councillors, special advisers etc. End up embezzling the allocated funds, then abandoned most projects and give the leaders false report.

8. Lack of political and leadership experience :- some leaders are into politics only out of frustration of inability to secure employment in their area of discipline and out of this frustration they go into politics without former knowledge about it. This kind of leader will fail.

9. Non payment of tax by citizens :-  some citizens evades paying taxes promptly and this will cause insufficient fund for leaders to cater for it people.

If both leaders and followers realised and correct their mistakes, our country will be one of the best country in the world.
God bless Nigeria.

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