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   You can be rich by understanding richness or move with rich people. In the world today , there are many and more influential and wealthy people but if you may ask me the secret of their success, most of them invest in agriculture.
     We are familiar with people like Dangote, Obasanjo farm and all other famous farming business in Nigeria.

    Farming could potentially earn you great income by understanding farming has it 
is. These are few points you must understand :-

1. Nigeria has a lot of farmlands which are very fertile.

2. The whole 70% of Nigeria's land is available for farming (LUA).

3. Nigerian government has successfully boost the production of food locally through banning of importation of foods from foreign countries.

4. Because of large population, Nigeria has ready made market in which any goods or product produced locally or brought into the country will be consumed.

5. Nigerian's are social, they hold a lot of activities, festivities, parties etc, therefore all these are needs to supply with foods.

6. Their are other countries that needs food I.e exportation.

These are the list of farming business in Nigeria :-

1. Fish farming business

2. Yam farming business

3. Plantain farming business

4. Poultry farming business

5. Vegetable farming business

6. Snail farming business

7. Cassava farming business

8. Sweet potatoes farming business

9. Sugarcane farming business

10. Rubber business

11. Palm oil farming business

12. Rice farming business

13. Corn farming business

14. Cowpea farming business

15. Sesame

16. Cashew

17. Cashew but

18. Millets

19. Pig farming business

20. Rabbit farming business

21. Cotton wool farming business.

22. Guinea pig farming etc.


1. Demand is too high for farming produce both in Nigeria and in abroad.

2. You can rent or purchase all necessary supplies and if you don't need it again, you can turn it into leasing business.

3. Farming can become your occupation i .e regular and reliable income.

4. The return is more than the hard work.

5. It not necessary you start with huge amount.

6. You can specialized.

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  1. I knew Nigeria had a lot of farming land but didn't know that 70% of Nigeria's land is available for farming.

  2. It sounds like the perfect way to make a living to me. Certainly something I would consider, I live in the UK in a town so not too much opportunity near me but further out in the country this would be a great option.

  3. Wow, I had no idea there are so many farming options in Nigeria. Sounds like a great place to start a business.

  4. I didn’t realize that so much of their land was excellent for farming. I come from a farming state here in the United States, but have never done any farming on my own.

  5. I learned so much reading this! I had no idea there was so much available farmland in Nigeria.

  6. Thanks for sharing this useful information, it is very interesting to know about farming in Nigeria and profits in its.It had no clue of this before. Hope it will help many who are into farming.

  7. Very informative post. I try to buy from local farmers when the markets are open

  8. I never realised there were so many different types of farming!

  9. I have never thought much about opening a farming business - I know it takes a lot of work and sacrifice to run it.

  10. However, there are still many health experts that raise concerns particularly on the effect of infants.

  11. Instructing the overall population will likewise be a significant component if this methodology is to acquire support, as numerous non-farmers don't completely see the value in the advantages of saving a farm. Horse

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