The Npower 2021 best Android gadget

At present ,all Npower 2021 beneficiaries are happy for the recent posting, but let me tell you , the second phase of happiness is this next stage of gadget distribution. The parrotte team have take it time to research all the available gadget that will be made available for the beneficiaries to enhance them through carrying out their primary assignment as Well as at the end of the programme .

Unlike the 2016 and 2017 beneficiaries, 2021 beneficiaries were limited and opportune to choose between five gadgets and the gadgets are tablets(high end androids) ,loaded with useful apps, the gadget is also loaded monthly  with internet data for surfing web and marking attendance (Google location).

I will like to introduce you to the available gadgets,we have :-

1- Afrione iPad

2- Samsung Tablet

3- RLG Tablet

4- Zinox Zpad tablet

5- Floss signature Tablet

You cannot have everything but but you can select base on your priority. For the purpose of this post ,we will assist you in choosing wisely, if there will be another opportunity.

1- Afrione iPad :- the design make it stand out of all other Npower gadgets since it can be a pad or a laptop.

        Screen. 10.1. 
        Ram.     2GB
         SD.      supported
          Network.    3G
          Camera.      F 2mp
           Camera.      R 5mp
           Battery.       5,400mAh
           OS.                6.0
          Warranty.      24month

2- Samsung Tablet :- with popularity Samsung tablet is the best ,the tab is very easy to carry around. The specification are as follows.

          Screen.          9.6inches
            Ram.              1.5GB
            ROM.              8GB
            SD               supported
             Battery.      5000mAh
              OS.              5.1
               Warranty.   24months

3- RLG Tablet :- it was very popular among the Osun state secondary students ,has it was introduced by the government of the state then. It is made in Nigeria.

         Sim slut.        1
         Display.           1280x800
         Camera.            Auto focus
         Ram.                1.5GB
         ROM.                8GB
         battery.            4500mph
         Warranty.         13month

4- Zinox Zpad Tablet :- it is made by another Nigerian base tech giant. It is also very powerful with good configuration.


       Sim slut.          2
         Network.         3G
         OS.                   6.0
         Ram.               1GB
         ROM                 8GB
         Battery.            4000mAh
         Warranty.           12month

5-  Floss signature Tablet :- the device battery strength made it unique from the other gadgets ,in which it last while using it to surf internet, Facebook etc.

            Screen.         800x1280
           OS.                 5.1
           SD.                 supported
          Battery.          7500mph

With this available information, it is now wise to chose wisely base on your priority.
The Npower 2021 best Android gadget The Npower 2021 best Android gadget Reviewed by parrotte on August 07, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. As a 2017 beneficiary I am going for. Afrione ipad device. How are we. To apply for the device

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  2. Afrione ipad is my choice as a 2017 beneficiary

    1. You don't need to apply again ,just wait and constantly be checking your NPVN profile, there is no information yet on gadget

  3. Though ipad is my alltime favorite because it is easy to use. But I have tried samsung and the other ones too except RG N power. I'm technically gadget freak so I will try it soon.

  4. The samsung tablet is the only one that I've heard of within this selection. Although I do have my own apple iPad x

  5. Wow. They are greqt indeed. I would love a Samsung tab myself. I have been stuck with apple devices for far too long. Time to go android!

  6. Thank you for sharing these recommendations! I'm in the market for a new tablet, so this post definitely comes in handy.

  7. This is a lovely roundup of gadgets. I like the look of the Samsung tablet. This is sure to help anyone out looking for a new gadget!

  8. Sounds like a great device to have but I will go with Afrione and Samsung devices they both look perfect to use in my works.

  9. Oh wow! This looks like a great thing to have. I am trying to save up for a new phone, but maybe I'll put this on my list, too!! :)

  10. Awesome roundup. I love gadgets. And I haven't heard of the brands except for Samsung. AfriOne iPad looks cool.

  11. Whenever I have some free time, I visit blogs to get some useful info.

  12. I think there is techno too but i cant find it on this list
    Floss signature GB ram is not included as well

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