How to retrieve post that stuck during saving in Blogger app.

Most of the people that are using blogger app  in one way or the other encounter this problem of post stuck while publishing or saving.

Major Causes are :-

1, Due to multiple saving at a time, the blogger app may find it difficult to time sort the post.

2, Sometimes especially when the blogger account is between the Admin and the Author, the blogger app may find it difficult to record where the post is coming from either from the Admin or the Author.

3, During saving ,if the battery drains out ,it may leads to the saving stuck.

4, Most of the post that where typed while offline may not save or published or stuck if the network signal strength is very low when online.

How to clear post that stuck during saving.

The major reasons why you may want to delete or clear post that stuck during saving are:

1, it disturbs the Author when realizing he wasted his time to type the post.

2, it occupies more space as it is useless, and any useless content should be deleted of which it cannot be highlighted talk less of deleted.

3, it slow down the app

To clear these post that stuck or grey out while saving, you have 3 alternatives :-

1, by uninstalling and reinstalling the blogger app i.e the published and draft post will not be deleted.

2, on your smart phone click on settings ,then click on Application setting ,find blogger and clear the cache.

3, in the blogger app ,click menu and click refresh.

Smart way to recover your post that stuck during saving.

- in this stage you will be very smart and you will need your two thumb.

- make sure you are continuously clicking the stuck post and the one that is not stuck at the same time. Do it as much time as possible till the stuck one opens, I swear I did it and it work for me.


1, save immediately you finish typing a post.

2, ensure there is no mass saving or publishing of the post at the same time.

3, ensure your battery is fully charged through out the process.

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  1. Simply wonderful I will say. It is really informative. Thanks for this.

  2. So interesting and very informative post to read. It will be a great help to all bloggers, thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. I don't use the blogger app. However, I do know some bloggers that do and I'm definitely going to have to share this information with them. I didn't even know that this was an issue before!

  4. I dont use blogger either but I wish wordpress had something like this! I've lost a lot of posts that way!

  5. This is going to be a really helpful post for those using Blogger. I don't use it but I will share with anyone I know who does.

  6. I moved away from blogger a few years back and use WordPress, but I don't think WordPress is as good for saving things like this. My heart drops so much if things go wrong and I think I've lost a post x

  7. I’ve never used blogger so I have no idea how it works, but I’m sure all your information are very useful so I’ll pass them over to my friends who use blogger

  8. This is very informative. I am on Wordpress so all these is very new to me.

  9. very useful! I use blogger all the time and had issues with loosing everything I wore before posting several times. I can't say it was really an issue because over past five years it only occurred couple of times still I remember the pain of lost effort.

  10. I use blogger but haven't yet encountered this problem. Thanks for the tips for future!

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