Ways fasting affect Religion

Generally fasting is the process of abstainnance ,especially from food, drinks as well as all those things that can limit somebody from spiritual development. In examining fasting, I will like to explain some benefit of fasting as regard :-
1. Spiritual benefit :- from the history of religion, fasting has been used :-
       a. to move closer to nature
       b. for spiritual development
       c.  to gain supernatural power
2. Psychological benefit :- we are in the generation were there is wide gap between the rich and the poor so therefore, fasting enables the rich to have the same feelings as the poor.
3. Health and fitness :- organs of the body functions well while fasting says body fitness coaches.
   Fasting is very popular and generally observed in most of the religion of today,call it Islam, Christian, Judaism, budaism , e.t.c, but the mode of the fasting are different.
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