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Fasting is not for you if,

  Since we all know that fasting is abstainance, it limit individual from some of the freedom they had in the other month , which made the month of Ramadan unique. It is also compulsory for every Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadan.
  Therefore, because almighty Allah (S.W.T) loves us and did not put any burden on us ,there are some conditions that can make a person not to fast.

1, sickness :- illness can make a person to stop fasting as far as the person need to take drug and to take drug, you need to eat something and besides you take most drug with water. If during fasting ,there is symptoms of sickness,then the scholar advice the person to quit the fast.

2. Pregnancy :- pregnant women are to leave fast alone ,especially if they fear that fasting can affect them.

3. Journey :- if sincerely you understand the kind of journey you embarked on, is causing much inconvenience and it is unbearable or the distance is long enough ,it is permitted to break the fast.

4. Menstrual period :- it is haram for a menstruating woman to fast in the menstruating days and not the whole month of Ramadan.

5. Old age :- since old people with deteriorating heath cannot do without healthcare, they are permitted no to fast.

6. Unconsciousness :- A person that is not with sound mind or that is not mentally stable are free to discontinued fasting.


If any of the aforementioned above affect anybody, he or she can:-

1. Feed those that are observing fasting which can also means  Fidyah.

2. Observe the owing fast at a convenient time before the beginning of the next Ramadan.

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