2017 Npower Redeployment Procedure.

Redeployment is when you want to change from the original place of deployment in your posting letter to another place.  Immediately you received your posting letter, try as early as possible to report to them at Npower office in your local government.

  A form will be given to you to fill and you will submit it with the photocopy of your posting letter and other requested documents, it will take at least 7 working days for the redeployment request to be effected. Stay bless. Or the fastest and the easiest is to Visit this website Npvn redeployment form for the form and you will fill it. Strictly for Osun state volunteers.
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  1. Please how can we get a redeployment form for oyo state?

    1. Please visit the NOA Office where you checked your name when you are shortlisted, Oyo state redeployment is not online. Pick the for ,fill and submit . you can do this immediately after salah break. Thanks


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