Free websites to beg for money

June 30, 2018
The listed website gives visitors opportunity to donate and to ask for fund ,
There are, of curse, many other crowdfunding sites that cater to people looking to raise money for personal reasons.
Here are a few of the biggest ones:

1. Beglist
2. Fundfree
3. CyberBeg
4. GoFundMe
5. FundAnything
6. GiveForward
7. YouCaring
8. Rally
9. Trevolta
10. Indiegogo
11. 2Hands
12. OutrageousRequets
13. FreeBeg
14. BeggingMoney
15. GoGetFunding
16. JustGiving
17. Generosity
Most of this site ask for reason for the use of money
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Npower update : 2017 beneficiaries to start work immediately, new buttons had been added to NPVN PROVILE

June 30, 2018
Npower coordinator, Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede has recently in  his live Facebook chat revealed that the 2017  Npower volunteers will be deployed in July and that they should get ready for the posting exercise, he also urge them to make use of the information that are available on the Npower site.
This news has made all the Npower  officials to be working tirelessly to meet up with the scheduled time. On the beneficiaries side the news reaching us is that, Presently, about 18,000 - 20,000 people are yet to be on-boarded on the Npower platform,and be formed that you will not be deployed when deployment is done meaning you will be disposed and replaced by those in the awaiting list.

The ones on-board should ensure their details are corrected to prevent problems  during deployment and payment. Also be informed that you will not be able to edit your bank details, immediately you have edited and confirmed it, to prevent fraud from third party but if need be, kindly send a mail to NPVN , and they will help you on that.

 Presently ,NPOWER coordinator has urge all successful beneficiaries to make sure they edit their profile and click on confirmation button before 6pm on Friday on the 20th of July 2018, which will let the commencement of posting letters to start.

 Kindly check your profile, 2 other bottons had being added CONFIRMATION AND RESIGNATION . even if you have updated your profile before ,make sure you login again to click on confirmation button to conclude and complete your update.

Those button were just added.

Npower update : 2017 beneficiaries to start work immediately, new buttons had been added to NPVN PROVILE Npower update : 2017 beneficiaries to start work immediately,  new buttons had been added to NPVN PROVILE Reviewed by parrotte on June 30, 2018 Rating: 5

Pregnant mums must be aware of these problems

June 16, 2018

Every pregnant mums must take note of the following as it may affect the mother and the unborn baby.
1, Cramp

2, Breathing

3, Back pain

4, Bleeding

5, Abnormal discharge

6, movement

1, Cramp :- Cramps are often notice by some women during their period but when during pregnancy ,cramps are felt in which it may last for a long time ,it may become unbearable, at this stage there is a problem. Rapid changes that the body is going through may leads to cramps but not to the extent that it will be disturbing you severely. Since the baby requires a wide space ,this may leads to cramps,you should expects cramps at second or third trimester. If it persist and becoming unbearable,it may leads to :-

       - illness

       - early labour

       - miscarriage

Please visit your doctor as soon as possible.

2, Breathing :-
           I, Every mums must be able to track their breathing and be able to know when the breathing rate is high or low.

            ii, Every attentive mum must be able to concentrate and listen to the heartbeat of the unborn child at exactly 5 weeks of pregnancy ,but if at 10 weeks there is no heartbeat ,there is need to see the doctor.

3, Back pain :- what leads to back pain is as a result of a shift in center of gravity because of the stomach bump . if the back pain is severe, it may be there is problem with your bladder or you may be having ulcer or infection. Please visit your doctor

4, Bleeding :- what causes bleeding during pregnancy maybe :-

      a, hormonal imbalance

      b, miscarriage

      c, placenta related diseases which may leads to early child birth. Therefore immediately you discover you are bleeding down,it is a bad sign,hurry to visit your doctor.

5, Discharge :- when the cervix open earlier before it due time ,pregnant woman may be experiencing different types of discharge like colourless and odourless discharge which may be slightly white,it may also be blood,you should see your doctor immediately.

6, Movement :- Every baby must make at least 10 kicks within 2 hours after 20 weeks of pregnancy. If a pregnant mum is not feeling this martial kicks after 20 weeks ,there is need to see the doctor to know what is wrong ,in which varieties of measures will be taken to know the condition of the health of the baby.

      During pregnancy make sure your doctor or your gynecologist number is added to your speed dial on your phone for easy access or emergency. Stay healthy.
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Npower update

June 10, 2018
Has it is in our habit to provide you with latest news about NPOWER. there is a viral news that was spreading that the 2017 beneficiaries posting will be around August

,please disregard this news ,it is not from NPOWER, the NPOWER logo is rounded by black stripe.

 As for the posting ,there is no latest report.
  Don't forget to visit our website for more and genuine  information about NPOWER,
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MMM: Making money from Maggots

June 09, 2018

Introduction to maggot :-

   We all know that flies produce maggots and flies always prefers to lay their eggs on things that makes their offsprings to have access to rich and enough food. In which when the larvae hatch into Maggot ,they have enough to feast on, inside the dark shell ,they transformed from mushy mass to a fully formed insects and in a week or so ,the maggot will emerge from the pupal casing as hairy ,bug-eye flies and scamper off to mate. The easiest way for maggot to digest their food is the ability they have to secrete fluid containing digestive enzymes.

   There are many importance of maggot, but for the purpose of this article, I will be limiting it to the topic:-.

  Tiny fish like sardines,herring and others are being used to produced feeds that were been used to feed pigs, chicken, ducks,ostriches,Guinea fowl etc.
There is a survey that was carried out in south Africa recently that discouraged them from using fishmeal to prepare feed for livestock, this is so because if they continue to be harvesting fish from the sea ,in some few years to come ,fish may not be  available to harvest again. This lead to the discovery of the potentials of maggots.


IF you established a maggot farm, a female soldier flies lays about 700 eggs ,this produced an army of Hungry maggots that chop down corpses or rotten food waste, with their endless appetite, they are endless eaters ,and with time ,the maggots reach pupa stage and ready to be harvested and processed into feed meal for animals.
I want you to understand that maggots are rich in protein and less economical in feeding livestock. In South Africa ,the maggots business is helping In solving the problem of high cost of soybeans and fishmeal, so instead of incurring that huge cost in Nigeria, Nigeria entrepreneurs are investing in maggot feeds and they are making huge amount in it...

  I also want you to know that maggot business is not yet popular in Nigeria presently, that is why you should start now. For instance ,50kg bag of poultry feed may cost #8000 with production cost of #6500 ,which mean your profit is around #1500 but if it is maggots feed ,your production cost may be as low as nothing and your profit may be around #4000 on every 50kg..

     Therefore, any time you see maggot around wasting,remind yourself how much you can be generating from it. In next article, we will examine processing maggots for feedmeal
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Processing maggot for Animal feeds.

June 09, 2018

Have it in mind that maggot faming is a full time job. The maggot faming start from :-
1, Intention :- you must have it in mind that you want to start maggot farming for a purpose either for a research or to generate income because this will determine your seriousness through out the process.

2, Housing :- you can use large plastic container or maggot cage, place the maggot cage outside your yard and place the rotten food / animal on the net above the cage ,in which the flies will locate it,feed on it and lay their egg on it. The eggs now later turn to maggot which will now be dropping into into the container inside the cage.

3, Harvest :- harvest any maggots you needed and move it to were it will be processed. Make sure you cover the remaining so as not to allow them to transform to flies

4, Recycling :- Don't worry as far as the maggot turns to adult flies, they will be producing more maggot and even ,some dead one will be feed by maggot again.

5, Drying :- After the maggot are dead ,collect it in a tray and place it inside a dryer or under the sun for it to dry. During this process make the maggot free of poisonous chemicals, add some flavors to give it good taste and smell.

6, Presentation :- After drying you can present it through bagging ,use of plastics etc. With you label tag if you like and it is ready to be taking to market.f
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June 08, 2018
Most of the time we are embarrassed when we are not able to remember our state postal code while filling applications. The postal code consist of six numbers, the first digit of the code is for region while the second and third digit combined with the first are the dispatch for out going sorting.

Abuja Nigeria postal code 900001

Abia State Nigeria zip code 440001

Adamawa State Nigeria post code 640001

Akwa-Ibom State Nigeria postal code 520001

Anambra State Nigeria postal code 420001

Bauchi State Nigeria zip code 740001

Borno State Nigeria postal code 600001

Delta State Nigeria postal code 320001

Edo State Nigeria post codes 300001

Enugu State Nigeria postal code 400001

Imo State Nigeria postal codes 460001

jigawa State Nigeria zip code 720001

Kano State Nigeria post codes 700001

Kaduna State Nigeria postal code 800001

Katsina State Nigeria postal code 820001

Kebbi State Nigeria postal code 860001

Kogi State Nigeria postal code 260001

Kwara State Nigeria zip codes 240001

Lagos (Island) Nigeria postcode 101001

Lagos State (Mainland) postal code 100001

Niger State Nigeria postal code 920001

Ogun State Nigeria postal code 110001

Ondo State Nigeria postal code 340001

Osun State Nigeria postal code 230001

Oyo State Nigeria postal code 200001

Plateau State Nigeria postal code 930001

Rivers State Nigeria postal code 500001

Sokoto State Nigeria postal code 840001

Taraba State Nigeria postal code 660001

Yobe State Nigeria postal code 320001

Ebonyi State Nigeria postal code 840001
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Meaning of fidyah in Ramadan

June 04, 2018
Fidyah means the donation made by those that cannot fast due to illness, old age etc. It can be food or cash as far as it feed a person two meal per day of the fasting that you missed

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Fasting is not for you if,

June 04, 2018

  Since we all know that fasting is abstainance, it limit individual from some of the freedom they had in the other month , which made the month of Ramadan unique. It is also compulsory for every Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadan.
  Therefore, because almighty Allah (S.W.T) loves us and did not put any burden on us ,there are some conditions that can make a person not to fast.

1, sickness :- illness can make a person to stop fasting as far as the person need to take drug and to take drug, you need to eat something and besides you take most drug with water. If during fasting ,there is symptoms of sickness,then the scholar advice the person to quit the fast.

2. Pregnancy :- pregnant women are to leave fast alone ,especially if they fear that fasting can affect them.

3. Journey :- if sincerely you understand the kind of journey you embarked on, is causing much inconvenience and it is unbearable or the distance is long enough ,it is permitted to break the fast.

4. Menstrual period :- it is haram for a menstruating woman to fast in the menstruating days and not the whole month of Ramadan.

5. Old age :- since old people with deteriorating heath cannot do without healthcare, they are permitted no to fast.

6. Unconsciousness :- A person that is not with sound mind or that is not mentally stable are free to discontinued fasting.


If any of the aforementioned above affect anybody, he or she can:-

1. Feed those that are observing fasting which can also means  Fidyah.

2. Observe the owing fast at a convenient time before the beginning of the next Ramadan.
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Ways fasting affect Religion

June 04, 2018

Generally fasting is the process of abstainnance ,especially from food, drinks as well as all those things that can limit somebody from spiritual development. In examining fasting, I will like to explain some benefit of fasting as regard :-
1. Spiritual benefit :- from the history of religion, fasting has been used :-
       a. to move closer to nature
       b. for spiritual development
       c.  to gain supernatural power
2. Psychological benefit :- we are in the generation were there is wide gap between the rich and the poor so therefore, fasting enables the rich to have the same feelings as the poor.
3. Health and fitness :- organs of the body functions well while fasting says body fitness coaches.
   Fasting is very popular and generally observed in most of the religion of today,call it Islam, Christian, Judaism, budaism , e.t.c, but the mode of the fasting are different.
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Details on Npower 2017 posting letter.

June 01, 2018

Apart from the message sent officially from Npower to all successful participants, the issuance of the posting letter by the Npower authority serve as an evidence for the successful beneficiaries in order for the institutions that they were posted to,to receive them. It is also equivalent to employment letter which clearly states,you have been formally and officially posted to the establishment.

  One thing is for you to be successful by receiving SMS ,while the other is to proceed to getting your posting letter. The letters are approved to be collected by all successful beneficiary at local government secretariat and Npower offices in all the 36 states.

  After all updates has been done online at your private NPVN profile page, which include your name,BVN,bank details e,t,c. In which failure to do these may affect your stipend at the end of the month.

  With the posting letter with you, then you need to visit the deployment address on the posting letter i.e where you are posted to ,make sure you locate the head of the institution to crosscheck your name with them.

  For those that are willing to redeploy click this link here or to know about the GADGETS for 2017 beneficiaries click this link here
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2021 (batch C) Npower Redeployment Procedure.

June 01, 2018

Redeployment is when you want to change from the original place of deployment in your posting letter to another place.  Immediately you received your posting letter, try as early as possible to report to them at Npower office in your local government.

  A form will be given to you to fill and you will submit it with the photocopy of your posting letter and other requested documents, it will take at least 7 working days for the redeployment request to be effected. Stay bless. Or the fastest and the easiest is to Visit this website Npvn redeployment form for the form and you will fill it. Strictly for Osun state volunteers.
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