April 02, 2020
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NOT ONLY XNX OR XVIDiO :- list of Movies you cannot watch with your family except your spouse

April 01, 2020

These are list of romantic movies that legally when you are above 18 you can watch, but not with your siblings or your children or your parents.

Only you , your lover or your spouse.

1. Kiss and kill

2. Zack and Miri make a porno

3. traffic

This movie combine rape and cocaine , but it is about cocaine and statutory rape.

4.high heel murder

5. spring breakers

6. Lie with me

7. Shame

Combination of a sex addict, masturbation,which contains a sex scene between brothers and sisters.

8. Model for murder

9. Deadly pickup

10. Sleeping beauties

I can assure you thatSleeping beauties is 93% physical, it also add a little sci fi. 

NOT ONLY XNX OR XVIDiO :- list of Movies you cannot watch with your family except your spouse NOT ONLY XNX OR XVIDiO :- list of Movies you cannot watch with your family except your spouse Reviewed by parrotte on April 01, 2020 Rating: 5

www.fzmovies. net The best movie download site.

March 27, 2020
     Some people still ask were they can download latest movies such as avi, mp4 of high qualities with low data of around 100 to 400 mb. If you fall in to this category, you are in the right place for solution.

If you need best review as well as critics and preview or thriller of a video or movies before downloading the video. Just login to and follow the necessary steps.

Have seen many people that dislike downloading movies because it exhaust their data. Have seen some films in avi format of around 2gb.

Just type in your browser , choose holywood or Bollywood depend on what you want to download, select between 3gp, mp4 or avi.

Then chose between the gateways for fast download.

If this is not working try

Or click
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March 27, 2020

Below are the Habits that can keep you poor for the rest of your life.

1. Waking up late:- you only change styles and adjusting the bed sheet when everybody were already at work. It is only hunger that can make you leave the bed. Don't worry you may be poorer than Church rat.

2. Extravagant life style:- A slave living Pharaoh s life, money that you suppose to spend one month you spend it 3 hours, anything they introduce to you , you buy. Necessary on unnecessary, you buy. You are doing charity as if you are Dangote. Continue , you will soon understand.

3. You don't safe  :- You eat with every finger, instead of you to safe .  When you don't safe when you have little , how will you safe when you have enough, later you will complained that government is bad. If government did not safe how will the cope.

4. You always discriminate business".:- Any business introduced to you is for the uneducated people. You always complained that with your level of education how can you steep so low to do that kind of business while others are making million from it. Continue , when hunger grip you , you will do Agbero.

5. I can't start business without Capital.:- It is true you need capital but not has much as you think. Many businesses start small with less capital and later grow. Just find small business with great potential and grow with it. 

6. Waste time complaining :- When you supposed to be busy working ,you are busy Blaming the system, the government and the banks that refused to lend you money. That interest will not let you rich.

7. No budget :-You keep buying more than gou ear , when it not enough , you keep borrowing with interest. Continue you will soon liquidate.

8. intimidator:- you make sure you buy everything such as cloths, new mobile phones , shoes in other to intimidate. Continue.

Who said you cannot be rich, just make sure you change the habits.
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March 14, 2020
In ISLAM most people often ask the differences between Baadi and Qabli in salaat.
It is one thing to worship and it another to do it in accordance to the instruction of Allah.

What is Qabli ?

* Qabli refers to the sujud (head touching ground in salat) you do after ataiyatulila before salam when you mistakenly Omit obligatory parts of salat.

When during salat you are aware that you have omit some part of the salat such as recitation, sujud, rukuu, etc . There is need to observe Qabli by doing two sujud after the ataiyatulila(tashahood) and final salam (tasleem).

What is Baadi ?

* Baadi refers to sujud you do after salam when you mistakenly add during salat.
When you mistakenly add things such as rakat, more sujud, more kabara than expected, this is term as Baadi, then you need to observe Baadi by doing two sujud after tashahood and tesleem, then repeat tashahood and tasleem to finish your salat.

*The essence of baadi and qabli is to correct mistakes made through adding or omitting aspect of worship During salaat .

Make sure you do more nawafil, may almighty Allah accept our prayer amen.
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