November 28, 2018
Did you know why your Android phone is hot? Definitely, you might be thinking it is from your phone which is not always so, but it may be caused by you. Android phone overheating is one more reason why your battery may stop lasting so long or swell up.

Here are some reasons why your Android phone is always overheating :

1 . Wrong pouch: make good sure to use compatible pouch for your Android phone , because wrong pouch may cover  the ventilated area of your phone and this may leads to air blockage and later causes over heating.

2 .Incompatible chargers: smartphone users often use chargers that are not compatible with their device. For instance, Android phone users always go for BlackBerry chargers as their second option when they want to power their device not knowing that these chargers can be too effective (charging but the phone is hot) or not effective enough (charging slow and phone operating by itself) for the phone.

3 .Running too many heavy apps at a time: Running too many apps  too many processor intensive ones at a time will enhance the CPU load, inflicting the device to heat up. For instance, Browsing with Opera mini with more than 5 tabs open, chatting with friends on WhatsApp and BBM, and with different messages pop-ups in several occasions. Not to talk of your phone Autorun Apps like Play Store, Flash Share, etc.

4.Pressing phone while charging: Most of us can’t just let go of our device for some hours. We are so engrossed with a chat, or the Internet, or a particular game that we charge our phones while using it. This is one other considerable reason behind your Android phone overheating.

5.Poor or no network coverage: When your phone network coverage is very poor, the Android OS is busy scanning the area for signal and this requires more battery power consumption. That’s the major reason your phone gets so hot when you are in areas with poor network.

6.Insufficient air flow: Putting the phone in your tight pocket, purse or case may trigger it to heat up mildly especially in hot weather conditions.

7 .Battery intensive processes: Battery intensive processes like screen savers especially when it’s animated or video, excessive screen brightness, switching on 3G network, Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth or playing music or video for a long time etc. may lead to overheating.

This is applicable to all Android phone with low ram.

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