Pregnant mums must be aware of these problems

Every pregnant mums must take note of the following as it may affect the mother and the unborn baby.
1, Cramp

2, Breathing

3, Back pain

4, Bleeding

5, Abnormal discharge

6, movement

1, Cramp :- Cramps are often notice by some women during their period but when during pregnancy ,cramps are felt in which it may last for a long time ,it may become unbearable, at this stage there is a problem. Rapid changes that the body is going through may leads to cramps but not to the extent that it will be disturbing you severely. Since the baby requires a wide space ,this may leads to cramps,you should expects cramps at second or third trimester. If it persist and becoming unbearable,it may leads to :-

       - illness

       - early labour

       - miscarriage

Please visit your doctor as soon as possible.

2, Breathing :-
           I, Every mums must be able to track their breathing and be able to know when the breathing rate is high or low.

            ii, Every attentive mum must be able to concentrate and listen to the heartbeat of the unborn child at exactly 5 weeks of pregnancy ,but if at 10 weeks there is no heartbeat ,there is need to see the doctor.

3, Back pain :- what leads to back pain is as a result of a shift in center of gravity because of the stomach bump . if the back pain is severe, it may be there is problem with your bladder or you may be having ulcer or infection. Please visit your doctor

4, Bleeding :- what causes bleeding during pregnancy maybe :-

      a, hormonal imbalance

      b, miscarriage

      c, placenta related diseases which may leads to early child birth. Therefore immediately you discover you are bleeding down,it is a bad sign,hurry to visit your doctor.

5, Discharge :- when the cervix open earlier before it due time ,pregnant woman may be experiencing different types of discharge like colourless and odourless discharge which may be slightly white,it may also be blood,you should see your doctor immediately.

6, Movement :- Every baby must make at least 10 kicks within 2 hours after 20 weeks of pregnancy. If a pregnant mum is not feeling this martial kicks after 20 weeks ,there is need to see the doctor to know what is wrong ,in which varieties of measures will be taken to know the condition of the health of the baby.

      During pregnancy make sure your doctor or your gynecologist number is added to your speed dial on your phone for easy access or emergency. Stay healthy.
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  1. i am not pregnant nor have ever been but that's cool to know babies make at least 10 kicks every 2 hours.

    Joy at

  2. These are all definitely worth a call to the doctor! I had so many complications during my first pregnancy and I'm so glad I let my doctor know anytime something was weird.

  3. Seriously, these are very important signs and its always important to know when to call a doctor.

  4. Honestly, I actually experienced all of these during my pregnancy and it gives me a lot of uncomfortable feeling but I am glad that my doctor is always there for me whenever I need a help or a questions to that need an immediate answers.

  5. These are scary to experience. You know, I know someone that experienced all of these and I think the hardest is breathing and back pain.

  6. This is a very informative post. New moms are at times unaware of the different things happening to them. With this information, they can have an understanding of bodily changes and its reason.

  7. This is such a great share, very informative and I am sure that it is going to be helpful information not only to those pregnant women but also to those are planning to get pregnant.

  8. This is a great post especially first time moms. Being pregnant is beautiful but also very dangerous.

  9. When I'm pregnant i didn't experience any of these. Except that my baby kicks every now and then, i used to lift my clothes off just watch it move. Now he is a 1 year old, adorable handsome baby, i love you, marcus, baby. Mwah.

  10. Such useful information for to be mothers.Even otherwise for all women in general. For us too.

  11. These are some important things to be aware of during pregnancy. A couple of my friends are pregnant and they told me about back pain. Also I didn't know that every baby makes at least 10 kicks within 2 hours after 20 weeks of pregnancy. That is A LOT of kicks in the tummy.

  12. I am not a woman but these information are useful. I will keep them in mind for emergency case. Thanks for sharing!

  13. These informations are so useful for every pregnant woman out there! Thank you for helping them through sharing this blog :)

  14. Good info. There are a lot of things to be aware of while you are pregnant. Thanks for sharing!


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