January 15, 2019
   You can be rich by understanding richness or move with rich people. In the world today , there are many and more influential and wealthy people but if you may ask me the secret of their success, most of them invest in agriculture.
     We are familiar with people like Dangote, Obasanjo farm and all other famous farming business in Nigeria.

    Farming could potentially earn you great income by understanding farming has it 
is. These are few points you must understand :-

1. Nigeria has a lot of farmlands which are very fertile.

2. The whole 70% of Nigeria's land is available for farming (LUA).

3. Nigerian government has successfully boost the production of food locally through banning of importation of foods from foreign countries.

4. Because of large population, Nigeria has ready made market in which any goods or product produced locally or brought into the country will be consumed.

5. Nigerian's are social, they hold a lot of activities, festivities, parties etc, therefore all these are needs to supply with foods.

6. Their are other countries that needs food I.e exportation.

These are the list of farming business in Nigeria :-

1. Fish farming business

2. Yam farming business

3. Plantain farming business

4. Poultry farming business

5. Vegetable farming business

6. Snail farming business

7. Cassava farming business

8. Sweet potatoes farming business

9. Sugarcane farming business

10. Rubber business

11. Palm oil farming business

12. Rice farming business

13. Corn farming business

14. Cowpea farming business

15. Sesame

16. Cashew

17. Cashew but

18. Millets

19. Pig farming business

20. Rabbit farming business

21. Cotton wool farming business.

22. Guinea pig farming etc.


1. Demand is too high for farming produce both in Nigeria and in abroad.

2. You can rent or purchase all necessary supplies and if you don't need it again, you can turn it into leasing business.

3. Farming can become your occupation i .e regular and reliable income.

4. The return is more than the hard work.

5. It not necessary you start with huge amount.

6. You can specialized.
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January 13, 2019
    As the forthcoming election is fast approaching, which generates more and more activities, many Nigerians have this believe that government change but the situation of the country still remain the same , this compelled PARROTTE MEDIA to research into the problem of the country. The result of the research now leads to the topic "Reasons why Nigerian leaders failed" .

    The reasons why Nigerian leader failed are :-

1. Unrealizable manifesto :- manifesto is the basis for choosing political leaders by the electorates during elections. In these manifestoes, most political office holder presents unrealizable manifestoes which they might find difficult to accomplished during the period in office.

2. Dependency and poverty :- most people are unemployed and lazy to be self - employed and this leads to poverty on their part which will cause them to fully depends on government for all their needs. Then fund released for most leaders to cater for the needs of people may not go round.

3. Revenue allocation :- fund allocated to some of the leaders sometimes are estimated lower than the areas and population it is allocated for. Like case of Lagos , the population increases daily due to the inflow of people into the state from other States.

4. Selfishness and greed :- in any government office, public interest is supposed to be presented and considered first but most leaders are selfish. They considered their own interest more Important than that of the electorates that voted them in. They greedily occupy office to loot public money to acquired wealth.

5. Godfatherism :- most political office holder came into office by lobbying and through the help of political godfathers. The tendency to please or pay back political godfathers at the expense of the people is obvious.

6. Party interest :- many political parties drill their flag bearers to enter into serious agreement of paying the party leaders outrageous amount of money during their tenure in office.

7. Political robbers :- most leaders are unaware of some abandoned project in some area that are out of their react, as they would have allocate revenue to some of their followers to carry out such projects in their various area (locality) but some of these political rubbers in the name of followers or political colleagues like councillors, special advisers etc. End up embezzling the allocated funds, then abandoned most projects and give the leaders false report.

8. Lack of political and leadership experience :- some leaders are into politics only out of frustration of inability to secure employment in their area of discipline and out of this frustration they go into politics without former knowledge about it. This kind of leader will fail.

9. Non payment of tax by citizens :-  some citizens evades paying taxes promptly and this will cause insufficient fund for leaders to cater for it people.

If both leaders and followers realised and correct their mistakes, our country will be one of the best country in the world.
God bless Nigeria.


November 28, 2018
Did you know why your Android phone is hot? Definitely, you might be thinking it is from your phone which is not always so, but it may be caused by you. Android phone overheating is one more reason why your battery may stop lasting so long or swell up.

Here are some reasons why your Android phone is always overheating :

1 . Wrong pouch: make good sure to use compatible pouch for your Android phone , because wrong pouch may cover  the ventilated area of your phone and this may leads to air blockage and later causes over heating.

2 .Incompatible chargers: smartphone users often use chargers that are not compatible with their device. For instance, Android phone users always go for BlackBerry chargers as their second option when they want to power their device not knowing that these chargers can be too effective (charging but the phone is hot) or not effective enough (charging slow and phone operating by itself) for the phone.

3 .Running too many heavy apps at a time: Running too many apps  too many processor intensive ones at a time will enhance the CPU load, inflicting the device to heat up. For instance, Browsing with Opera mini with more than 5 tabs open, chatting with friends on WhatsApp and BBM, and with different messages pop-ups in several occasions. Not to talk of your phone Autorun Apps like Play Store, Flash Share, etc.

4.Pressing phone while charging: Most of us can’t just let go of our device for some hours. We are so engrossed with a chat, or the Internet, or a particular game that we charge our phones while using it. This is one other considerable reason behind your Android phone overheating.

5.Poor or no network coverage: When your phone network coverage is very poor, the Android OS is busy scanning the area for signal and this requires more battery power consumption. That’s the major reason your phone gets so hot when you are in areas with poor network.

6.Insufficient air flow: Putting the phone in your tight pocket, purse or case may trigger it to heat up mildly especially in hot weather conditions.

7 .Battery intensive processes: Battery intensive processes like screen savers especially when it’s animated or video, excessive screen brightness, switching on 3G network, Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth or playing music or video for a long time etc. may lead to overheating.

This is applicable to all Android phone with low ram.


How to easily withdraw your UK/US AdSense earnings into your local bank account.

September 15, 2018
Today I will be leaking secret on how to easily withdraw your money earned by using UK/US AdSense account when you are not in the countries mentioned.
Why using UK/US AdSense account in the first place?

1. some of the countries with prospective bloggers were not covered by Google (blogger) , in which those people are finding a way of buying already approved and verified AdSense account from the people living in the specified countries.

2. The two countries are the leading countries  when if comes to high CPC, CTR and impressions.

3. The two countries currencies are very valuable in term of currency exchange with other currencies in the world.

WHY Payoneer?

1. When it comes to buying or getting AdSense ,it is very easy but when it comes to withdrawing, that is when problem comes. That is why am using this opportunity to introduce Payoneer to you.

Payoneer is an international payment system which enables organizations or individuals to pay out staffs easily worldwide, you can buy, transfer money and make payment online. But for the purpose of this article, I will be limiting it to how to easily withdraw your Google AdSense earnings from countries like UK/US into your local bank Account using Payoneer.

Click register/Signup: PAYONEER

Steps to link Payoneer to Google AdSense.

1. Immediately you registered with Payoneer, the Payoneer account allocate to you a bank in UK/US  I.e if the bank is in US, an account will be open for you their by Payoneer.

2. Login to your Google AdSense account, click on payment alternative.

3. You will input the bank account details that Payoneer open for you in US/UK.

4. Make sure you read terms and conditions.

5. After review you will start receiving money money from AdSense into your Payoneer account.

6. Then you can use Payoneer debit card to withdraw your money from any ATM machine through out the world.


Steps to transfer your money from Payoneer account to your local bank account or card.

1. While registering with Payoneer ( you must have linked local bank account/ card in ADD CARD OPTION.

2. when you want to transfer money just click WITHDRAW and then TO BANK ACCOUNT.

3. select the Card (account) you want the money to enter.

4. Fill in other details and click next

5. enter security confirmation and submit.

6. Check whether your country is listed first.

7. Wait for alert from your local bank.
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September 12, 2018
We can refer to a rabbit as a mammal with long ears, long hind legs and a short fluffy tails.

- Rabbit are very small herbivores
- They convert vegetables to meat
- They convert green foods to flesh
- The average is 5kg
- It weight varies from 1kg-8kg
- They are commercial hybrids

Characteristics of a good rabbit for rearing

A good rabbit for rearing must have the following qualities,
1. it must be genderly identified
2. it must be healthy
3. it must be proficient
4. it must be strong
5. it must be able to grow fast and attain 1.8kg after 7 weeks
6. it must be of a good and healthy genetic history.

Housing and equipment

Rabbits are believed to be comfortable in a cool area. They don't like water lodged area, they must be protected from rain splash, drought and other unhabitable areas.

In housing Rabbit, all these must be considered :-

1. Ventilation :- easy entry and exit of air.
2. Disturbance (intruder or noise) :- rabbits hate seeing different faces around them, likewise they don't like noisy environment.
3. Pest :- rabbits housing and equipment must be pest free I.e solder ant, thermite e.t.c.
4. Rabbits must not stay too long under sun.
5. Sanitation :- rabbits house must not situated around refuse site or polluted area.
6. Space :- rabbit house must be spacious, such a way that it can accommodate an adult rabbit and 7 kids at a time.
7. Light :- shyness don't means they don't love light, in fact, they do well with light.
8. Equipment :- all the equipment use in rabbitry must be sanitized.


1. caging
2. Hutches
3. Concrete floor


1. PEN :- This is when the hutch is been divided.
2. The hutch must be raised above the ground.
3. The hutch construction will be of wood and wire netting.
4. The dimension of the hutches are :-
- 60cm high
- 90cm long
- 60cm wide
- 90cm above the ground for good sanitation and ventilation.


1. Bamboo
2. Earthenware pot
3. Metal pot
4. Stainless pot with hook
NB:- since the rabbit likes playing with the pot, the pot must be heavy or hooked so as not to waste the food.


1. HAY
2. water leaf
3. Tridax
4. Cabbage
5. Potato
6. Lettuce
7. Dry bread
8. Pelleted ratio
9. Clean freshwater


Male rabbit - Buck
Female rabbit - Doe


In the process of Breeding, you must ensure the following:-
1. Your Buck must be of 10 months before breeding while your Does must be of 6 months before breeding.
2. The Doe must be taking into the Buck pen. This is done in the morning or late evening.
3. A mature and healthy Buck can serve about 10 to 15 Does.
4. Kindling occurs when rabbit give birth to young ones.
5. For safety purpose don't disturb the rabbit during kindling and weaning.
6. Don't rush to carry the baby immediately after birth, the rabbit may kill the baby.
7. For the adult Doe to have enough milk, it must be fed well.
8. Weaning is the time required for the Doe to nurse the baby.
9. It better to wait for 6weeks to start another breeding.


1. rate of water consumption increases.
2. The rabbit eating habit decreases.
3. They urine a lot.
4. They start showing altitude.
5. They are not active.

The only two ways to know that a rabbit is about to give birth is :-

1. They start to make nest from any available materials (hay)
2. They start to remove wool from their body.


1. When rabbits itch and scratch their ear, use liquid paraffin on cotton wool to clean regularly.
2. Regular sanitation
3. Inspection




1. Pet
2. Consumption (eating)
3. Art work :- shoe and bag from their skin.
4. Waste :- rabbit urine are best fertilizer.
5. Diet :- doctors recommend it for good health as it is white meat.


August 30, 2018


What is the full meaning of the Acronym NTI ?
NTI is National Teacher's Institute.

The postgraduate programme is one of the programmes run by NTI, other programmes are :-

-Bachelor degree in Education

-National certificate in Education

But for the purpose of this post title we will be limiting our scope on NTI Postgraduate Diploma in Education . The candidate for PGDE is expected to have one of the following degrees:

- Higher National Diploma in relevant areas of any recognized institution.

- Bachelor’s Degree diploma in fields as BA, B Sc., B. Tech

- Bachelor’s Degree diploma in Education with a Third ClassMaster’s

- Degree or Ph.D. degree diploma.

NTI degree courses of PDGE

First Semester Courses in the PDGE

* PDE 701 History of Education
* PDE 702 Developmental Psychology
*PDE 703 General Methods in Education
*PDE 704 Curriculum Design and Development
*PDE 705 Measurement and Evaluation
* PDE 706 Educational Psychology 1
* PDE 707 Philosophy of Education
* PDE 708 Research Method in Education
* PDE 709 Sociology of Education
* PDE 710 Statistical Method in Education
* PDE 711 Micro Teaching
* PDE 712 Guidance and Counselling

Second Semester Courses in the PDGE

* PDE 713 Introduction to Educational Management and Planning
* PDE 714 Guidance and Counselling II
*PDE 715 English Methodology
* PDE 715 Mathematics Methodology
* PDE 715 Social Studies Methodology
* PDE 715 Integrated Science Methodology
* PDE 716 School Supervision and Inspection
* PDE 717 Educational Technology
* PDE 720 Comparative Education
* PDE 721 Adult and Non-formal Education


weekend programme


A year plus


satellites all over 36 states


-  having successfully done with the programme, you will automatically become a teacher.

- anything a teacher can do you can do as well, ranging from owning a school, teaching.

- you will be boast of two profession.

- you can proceed to acquire masters in Education.


Although, the Federal government may see this empowerments as an opportunity to convert the beneficiaries into federal civil servant but the question is:-
In what mode will the conversion be? This is the reason why the only set of volunteers that are hopeful are the Nteach beneficiaries who are in educational line.
Therefore, any graduate that is wise ,can pursue the postgraduate programmes before the end of the Npower 2 years programme, so that should in case the Federal government will consider, then you will be ready and qualify.
For more information, visit the NTI website.

Be wise.
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How to retrieve post that stuck during saving in Blogger app.

August 25, 2018

Most of the people that are using blogger app  in one way or the other encounter this problem of post stuck while publishing or saving.

Major Causes are :-

1, Due to multiple saving at a time, the blogger app may find it difficult to time sort the post.

2, Sometimes especially when the blogger account is between the Admin and the Author, the blogger app may find it difficult to record where the post is coming from either from the Admin or the Author.

3, During saving ,if the battery drains out ,it may leads to the saving stuck.

4, Most of the post that where typed while offline may not save or published or stuck if the network signal strength is very low when online.

How to clear post that stuck during saving.

The major reasons why you may want to delete or clear post that stuck during saving are:

1, it disturbs the Author when realizing he wasted his time to type the post.

2, it occupies more space as it is useless, and any useless content should be deleted of which it cannot be highlighted talk less of deleted.

3, it slow down the app

To clear these post that stuck or grey out while saving, you have 3 alternatives :-

1, by uninstalling and reinstalling the blogger app i.e the published and draft post will not be deleted.

2, on your smart phone click on settings ,then click on Application setting ,find blogger and clear the cache.

3, in the blogger app ,click menu and click refresh.

Smart way to recover your post that stuck during saving.

- in this stage you will be very smart and you will need your two thumb.

- make sure you are continuously clicking the stuck post and the one that is not stuck at the same time. Do it as much time as possible till the stuck one opens, I swear I did it and it work for me.


1, save immediately you finish typing a post.

2, ensure there is no mass saving or publishing of the post at the same time.

3, ensure your battery is fully charged through out the process.
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August 25, 2018 has made it easy for bloggers to blog anywhere and anytime by introducing blogger app, it can work on most Android platforms. With the blogger Android app, you can blog as you like by installing it on your Android Smartphone, try to download the app through Playstore  or other websites but playstore  is preferable because it download base on compatibility of the version of the smartphone.


1, Blogger app enables you to login many account on the go.
2, it allows you to blog when you are offline.
3, it allows you to upload images.
4, it allows you to edit post.
5, hyperlinks
6, to insert tags
7, labelling
8, drafting
9, publishing
10, locations

    However, most users are requesting for other features such as :-

- post scheduling
- insert read more break
- Stat

But I think it is very helpful in such away that you can blog anywhere and anytime you are away from your computer or when you are offline. Imagine you are faraway in a place where the only thing you have is your phone, with blogger app, you can blog.
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